President’s Letter – Happy 2015!


Nightcat_editDear Packmates,

As the President of the board of directors the honor of writing the annual letter to the membership falls to me. And it has truly been an honor, first to be re-elected to the board, and then chosen by the board to act as President. We have a vibrant, strong and engaged puppy community here in the Pacific Northwest, and we have to thank all the members of SEA-PAH for creating that community.

In this last year we have seen numerous changes and challenges as community. The losses of fellow pups still felt today, and we all greatly miss our packmates. These moments were tragic, yet we can find solace in knowing how well the puppy community stepped forward to support each other. One Pack, One Love.

This year SEA-PAH strived to bring its members a wide variety of events, and it was amazing to see them be successful. Positive reviews from Camp K-9 still come in, along with promises from many who can’t wait for the next one. Pride was a strong showing of our large pup community, which served to raise awareness of puppy play to our GLBT family. And we reached 100 members strong this year!

Every member of the board of directors has taken up the challenge to make this next year even better. The membership has expressed they want to be involved and informed, and I have tasked each board member with the goal of reaching out; to our members, to other pup organizations (like our packmates in VAN-PAH, PDX-PAH and BOI-PAH), and to other organizations. We have moved our board meetings to a time when members can more easily attend because we want to hear from you and share with you what comes next. And keep watch for our new regularly produced newsletters with info on what is coming up from SEA-PAH and other orgs we partner with.

As a sneak peak I have to share with you some of the exciting work we are doing now. Committees have already formed working on repeating Camp K-9 and Pride, as well as bringing back some events (like Best in Show, revived and reimagined). We are working on designing a new website that has more timely info so you can know always what is happening. And most exciting of all we are developing a series of social events that take advantage of all the fun puppy adventures Seattle has to offer.

Very soon you will be hearing more about our efforts towards supporting charities. Last year we created a fund for members who are having a difficult time but still want to participate in events. In the coming weeks you will be hearing more about how the fund will be utilized and supported to make sure every member has the chance to be a part of this community. While fun events and moshes are important to us all, we also have a mission to help where we can. We plan to live up to this goal in a way every member can be proud of.

Everything I have described has come from a central goal the board has taken on this year; to provide each member the full value of your membership, by listening to what the membership wants and creating fun, romp filled events for you to enjoy. This next year is going to amazing, and can’t wait to see you all there!

President, Board of Directors