Annual SEA-PAH Awards Announced!


On Sunday we handed out out annual Good Puppy and Puppies Best Friend award. The President and Vice President of SEA-PAH get to recognize those who have done an amazing out standing job helping our community grow. From lending a hand or paw at our events, to having a welcoming smile to a new puppies. These folks did an out standing job last year and deserve extra pets and scratches. From the deepest part of my heart I thank you.

The Good Puppy award this year was given to Evan Jones(Pup Argus) for his outstanding personality. Ive never met a puppies as eager to help out as Argus. he was there for just about ever coat check and bbq. Argus always has a bounce in his step and a super warm inviting smile that any handler or puppy would feel at home around. Thank You Argus for your support.

Puppies Best Friend award goes out to those who do an amazing job not necessarily as a puppy but more of a Handler or mentor. This years award goes out to Danny Daniels (Puppy) who has worked at the cuff for 22 years. Puppy gave us a place to call home. He has worked hard to make the cuff home for a lot of communities. Thank you Puppy for your dedicated help to us.

This year Amp and I decided we wanted to give out another award and recognize Josh Nelsun(Pup Debit) our treasurer for the work he did last year. Besides keeping out books on track, filing out taxes and making sure everything money wise is organized Debit also worked very hard to make help Camp K9 happen last year. Debit also took on the election committee and over saw our first election. After our board switched over Debit stepped up and helped work really hard to help get new board members up to speed. Besides that Debit always has a smile and a fun witty attitude about puppy play. Thank you for everything and thank you for help set up the strong foundation SEA-PAH is built on.

Last year was an amazing fun year but we also had a few tragedies with the loss of two puppies. Phoenix SeaPup and Pup Bende Fraididog This was a hard hard time. These two pups committed suicide with in a few months of each other. Needless to say our community was devastated. Past President Matthew Schwab did and amazing job keeping the community together and showing our community support when it was needed most. I was also impressed with how other communities around us came together to offer us support any way they can.

Last year SML helped us honor them at Camp K9. Both puppies had a love for nature and camping. Chris Kauffmanorganized a hiking trip out into the woods. We hiked up to some of the old trees up in the mountains. He took us to one of Phoenix’s favorite places. It was truly breath taking and beautiful.

Mike Daggs and a few other members of SML also did a BBQ in honor of our lost puppies. It truly was a great fun weekend and I miss them both. I know they where watching us.

For their loving hard work we also gave out a plaque for their involvement and work with Camp K9. On behalf of SEA-PAH thank you and we look forward to working with you again!

Respectfully yours,
President of SEA-PAH
Mobile: 425-985-0977
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