Looking for something to do on November 5th?

AAROOO!! Hello Pups and Handlers! The 5th of December is a great celebration in PAH’s!

Beginning at 7pm at the Eagle in Portland, PDX-PAH will have their 3rd Birthday party! Our very own Nightcat​ and Jarrad will be heading south to support them and have wagtastic time!

Starting at 2pm at the Pump Jack in Vancouver BC is VAN-PAH’s, Christmas Puppy Mosh! Our VP, Danger,  Secretary Spike and DAL Pup Diesel will be rolling north to support them and hope that Santa Paws brings them an early Christmas present. ^^

So, if you’re looking for something to do, you can go north or south and have a wonderful time!

November Walkies, Puppy Snuggle Movie Time!

That’s right, time for our November walkies! It’s gonna be an awesome snuggle pile at Doghouse HQ where we will be laying down the mats and snuggling up in comfy clothes and gear to watch an awesome selection of movies. So bring your pillow and favorite plushy and get ready for movie snuggles!!

It is this Saturday, the 21st beginning at 2pm at Doghouse HQ. (directly above Doghouse Leathers). It’s going to be a wagtastic time!


Skuff Pup


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