Camp K9 Scholarship Request Deadline

One of the benefits of SEA-PAH Membership is the ability to request the use of the SEA-PAH Scholarship Fund for aid in attending SEA-PAH events that have a cost associated with them. Members can privately request financial assistance for entry cost to events like Camp K9 so you can join SEA-PAH for these events.


We are currently providing Scholarship Funds for members who wish to attend Camp K9, the deadline for these requests is this Friday, August 18th at 10:00pm PDT. Please make sure you request scholarship funds by this date.


Additional information on the requirements to request scholarship funds, and how to do so, is available on the SEA-PAH Scholarship Fund page of this website.

Bylaws Election Results


On the topic of Amendment One, which adds additional language to the nondiscrimination clause of the SEA-PAH bylaws to expand the list of classes which SEA-PAH does not discriminate against:


Votes Cast: 78

Votes Needed to Ratify: 52

Votes in Favor: 74

Votes Against: 4


This Amendment has passed


On the topic of Amendment Two, which removes the responsibility of maintaining the membership roster, mailing list, and sending renewal notices to the membership from the position of the Vice President:


Votes Cast: 73

Votes Needed to Ratify: 48

Votes in Favor: 59

Votes Against: 14


This Amendment has passed


On the topic of Amendment Three, which includes two subsections that changes the process for filling vacancies for officers other than the President and vacancies for a director of the board:


Votes Cast: 73

Votes Needed to Ratify: 48

Votes in Favor: 67

Votes Against: 6


This Amendment has passed


On the topic of Amendment Four, which includes three subsections that change the date of the annual meeting to January, changes the dates in which an election committee must be formed, and changes the dates in which nominations must be received:


Votes Cast: 72

Votes Needed to Ratify: 48

Votes in Favor: 65

Votes Against: 7


This Amendment has passed


On the topic of Non Binding Advisory Question One, which addresses members aged 18-20 (associate members):


Votes Cast: 77

No Change: 40

Amend to make SEA-PAH a 21+ Organization; 29

Amend to grant 18-20 year old members full membership: 8


On the Topic of Non Binding Advisory Question Two, which addresses the process in which the board is elected and officers appointed:


Votes Cast: 68

No Change: 63

Change: 5


The SEA-PAH Bylaws are currently being updated to reflect the results of this election, once complete, these will be made available for review.

SEA-PAH Events for the Week of August 14th

We’ve got another great week of events lined up for you as we team up with NWPAH to bring you an amazing weekend featuring Paw and Pounce!

Add all of these events to your calendar


Paw and Pounce Social, Friday the 18th, 9pm

Our friends at NW Puppy are once again bringing back the Paw and Pounce weekend to Seattle. We are always honored to help host the event and will kick off the festivities on Friday with a special Paw and Pounce Social.

All of the usual Meet and Sniff Social activities will be going on and NW Puppy will also be announcing the finalists for the new Paw and Pounce logo.

So, come on out for another night of shaking your tail and howling at the moon.

Paw and Pounce Mosh, Saturday the 19th, 2pm

The Paw and Pounce weekend continues! In addition to our mosh, which will run from 2-4pm, NW Puppy will host additional panels and events on Saturday before and after the mosh.

Head out to the NW Puppy Paw and Pounce Calendar for a full breakdown of events!


Paw and Pounce BBQ! Sunday the 20th, 3pm

The Weekend will wrap up with a BBQ hosted by NW Puppy on the Cuff Complex patio. Socialize with all your new puppy friends, chat with current and past title holders, and chow down at the BBQ

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