An Interactive Map of all the Groups around the World!

A friend of SEA-PAH’s and a member of PDX_PAH, Pup Erin Matteo Achilles, asked us to share this info with you. This is an awesome repository for information on other orgs all around the world! Check it out!




Often as leaders in our Pack, President of SEA-PAH Nightcat and I (and others) get requests from pups and Handlers all over asking if we know of a group near them.

This hasn’t always been an easy task. Some organizations have overlapping Territories. Some I don’t know exist. Some exist but have fallen into a static state, or even abandoned all together.

Toward this end, I have created the first interactive map for PAH and similar groups. This is the very first beta edition of what I have come to lovingly call MapPAH. Overtime, other information will be added such as web addresses and contact information.

What do you think? If you have information to add, please message me. I will be making the MapPAH open to wiki-style editing at a later date. No pup should have to be alone. Let us create a transparent network. ONE LOVE. ONE PACK.

Very respectfully,

Pup Erin Matteo Achilles