Welcome to SEA-PAH

The Seattle Pups and Handlers Association (SEA-PAH) is a group that is devoted to the human-pup, and those that love them. This is a place for pups, handlers and people curious about pup play in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We are a group in the Seattle area that has been created to educate people about what pup play is, as well as have a family of friends where they can be comfortable about this fun type of play.

We look forward to getting to know you! WOOF!

– The Pups and Handlers of SEA-PAH

Upcoming events

We have a great lineup of events for the spring for our members!

SEA-PAH Coat Check at The Cuff Complex
February 20th, 7pm to 2am
The Cuff Complex
The pups from SEA-PAH will be running the coat check at the Cuff that night, so come by to help support the club!

SEA-PAH Member Only Mosh
February 22nd, 2pm
Dog House Leather Bunker
This is a private mosh space for only SEAPAH members (see below for information on how to become a SEA-PAH Member).

February Walkies!
February 28th, 4pm to 7pm
Our final event for February will be our next Walkies event: Bullwinkle’s! That’s right, the pups and handlers of SEA-PAH will be invading Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center for hours of Go-kart, mini golf, lazer tag and even some tokens to play around in the arcade! So come join us on Saturday, February 28th from 4-7 pm and let’s have a howling good time!

January 30th, 9pm
On Friday January 30th, The Eagle will be hosting Arf! Arf! is a puppy event that the Eagle throws for pups and other gear oriented enthusiasts. Come in gear to get a discount at the door.

SEA-PAH Open Mosh
March 14th, 2pm-4pm
The Cuff Complex
We are all very excited that our next public mosh will be on February 14th at 2pm. This will be held on the Cuff Dancefloor, entrance off of Pine between 12th and 13th. SEA-PAH members are encouraged to stay afterwards for our monthly SEA-PAH Board Meeting. So come and show all the love that puppies have to offer!

Also, we are going to have a quick workshop at the beginning of the mosh! Kognition, a local puppy handler, is going to give a demonstration about some techniques for the care and handling of puppies. This will be an interactive presentation, so please be sure to arrive on time! More details to follow soon.

SEA-PAH Leather Pride Weekend Open Mosh
March 22th, 2pm-4pm
As a part of Leather Pride week the normal members-only mosh will be moved to a public mosh. This will be at the Cuff Complex starting at 2pm. Because it is Leather Pride week there will be a number of events! Check out the schedule of events through Seattle Men in Leather, located at seattlemeninleather.org.

Also, we are working on another great workshop for this mosh as well, so stay tuned!


SEA-PAH is a club that is open to members who are 18 years of age and older. Most of our events are held in private venues, but ID's will be randomly checked for new members.

The Code of Conduct for the SEA-PAH Forum:

  1. SEA-PAH is not a place to air personal grievances. This is a safe place for pups to connect. Abuse in any form will not be tolerated.
  2. SEA-PAH's forums should be kept to relevant material related to SEA-PAH, SEA-PAH affiliated posts, and puppy play!
  3. SEA-PAH's forums are not a place to roleplay. Yes, some of it is acceptable, but a full on roleplay in the forums will blow up everyone's inbox...so be courteous and keep RP to a minimum. That's what private messages are for.
  4. We operate on a basis of mutual respect. Even if we offer dissenting opinions, respect is to be maintained for everyone.
  5. HAVE FUN, but follow the rules.