December Howl!



Hello all you pups and handlers… and kitties too!

First off we would like to thank all of you who came out to our Holiday Mosh and Gift Exchange! We all had such a blast and it was all due to the support our membership gave us. As a Holiday gift from SEA-PAH to our members, we have included the group photo that was taken at the end of the mosh. We would like to send a special thank you to Daddy Jeff and Doghouse Leathers for their continued support of SEA-PAH. It is thanks to them that every pup and person who wanted to participate was allowed to whether they could afford to bring a gift or not. An extra thank you to those who stuck around to observe the board meeting as well. We appreciate you taking the time to show your interest with the inner workings of this club.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish a Happy Birthday to:

Pup Yahtzee – 01/08
Pup Trix – 01/14
Pup Tender Heart – 01/18
Doux Papa – 01/22
Fentic Timsky – 01/23
Daddy Rufus – 01/23
Jarrad – 01/24
Pup Benji – 01/31

We have a some more fun activities planned for this coming month. On the 28th of December we will be having our SEA-PAH member’s mosh. This will once more be held at the Doghouse Bunker from 2 pm – 4 pm and is for all paid SEA-PAH members over the age of 18. The Doghouse Bunker is located on 12th and Pine.

Next up is our the beginning of our monthly walkies! Every month will be a different activity that will be open to all, 18+ and with SEA-PAH members getting a small discount. As this is our first one we would like your input as to what we should do. On the table are a bowling/pizza party, go-karts, and Karaoke. Please go to to take a quick survey and cast your vote by January 4th for the activity you would like us to do!

After that is our monthly public mosh at The Cuff on January 10th. This will be held from 2 pm – 5 pm at the Cuff Dancefloor, entrance off of Pine between 12th and 13th. SEA-PAH members are encouraged to stay afterwards for our monthly SEA-PAH Board Meeting.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more announcements and fun activities!

Pup Danger
Spokespuppy for SEA-PAH