Double Feature Board Meeting

What: SEA-PAH Special Board Meeting followed by a Regular Board Meeting

Where: Doghouse Leather HQ

When: Thursday May 25th, 8:00PM

Who: SEA-PAH Board and Membership

RSVP: Here

Join us for a special board meeting following up on the Bylaws changes meeting held on the first of this month. We will be reviewing the suggested changes to the SEA-PAH bylaws that have been worked on by our bylaws committee (special thanks to the hard working pups, pets, and handlers who have put in the time to help SEA-PAH’s bylaws work better.)

Special Note: Absolutely NO changes will be made to the SEA-PAH bylaws during this meeting. This is an advisory meeting of the SEA-PAH board and Bylaws committee to move the proposed changes to the SEA-PAH membership to vote to accept or reject the suggested changes at a later date.

Following the Special Bylaws Meeting, The SEA-PAH board will convene for a business as usual regular board meeting.

We hope to see you all there.