From the Ambassador, NightCat

Hello everyone,

By now most of you have heard about Rainfurrest having to cancel their con for 2016. We at SEA-PAH and myself personally would like to give a huge thank you to their entire staff, whom has worked to make this con successful. Starting up and maintaining a conversion is a very long process. The number of hours that have been volunteered through out the year is absolutely astonishing. These people do it every year and their only reward is seeing our smiling faces and when and if we choose to stop and thank them. I feel the amount of work that goes into this every year is taken for granted. So from all of us at SEA-PAH we would very much like to give you the biggest Bark for your on going efforts.

Two years ago we contacted RF about doing a panel on puppy play during the con.  I had the pleasure of working with Gene, Buni and Enzo to help bring that idea to life. At first I didn’t really know what to expect and if anyone would even come. Then the day came we had everything set up and the door opened to a flood of pups, furries and other who just wanted to learn more. We completely filled the room and had a lovely 2 hour panel talk about what is puppy play. If it wasn’t for Gene, Buni and Enzo for helping give us a chance I don’t think we would have been able to reach that many people. So again, thank you thank you and thank you!

On a personal note. Seattle has been home to me for about 13 years. I have watched one con slowly die off and Rainfurrest sprout up by dedicated people in our community who where determined to keep a con in our home town. I’ve watched RF grow from a small con to a rather large con putting us on the map for a lot of people. This year has seen its struggles. But this is not the first time a con has had to struggle, nor will it be the last. The community is still full of strong people and if you want to keep RF a thing in the Pacific Northwest, I highly recommend reaching out to the board of Rainfurrest and asking them how you can help.

Respectfully yours,

SEA-PAH Ambassador