SEA-PAH Events for the Week of January 15th

Add all of these events to your calendar!

Walkies! Sunday the 21st, 12pm

January walkies is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game at Round 1. Meet with your fellow SEA-PAH members and choose between bowling, arcades, karaoke, food, drink, and billiards options.

Unlike previous walkies, this will not be “guided,” your experience and entertainment is in your own paws.

Join us and have a great time!

Volunteers Needed: SEA-PAH Coat Check, February 3rd, 9pm

SEA-PAH is once again raising funds for our beneficiary and helping keep the hot patrons of The Cuff cool on a Saturday night. Earn Service Kennel points while having a great time!

We are looking for closing shift volunteers.

Interested volunteers can contact The Board.
This is a 21+ event.