October Howl!

Hello all you pups and handlers out there! I hope everyone is ready for a spooky month full of fun! First up are our October birthdays!

  • Dive Pup 10/02
  • Rix 10/08
  • Rufus 10/24
  • Akaricloud 10/26
  • Pup Jacque 10/26

We’d like to take this time to remind everyone that elections are still going on until the 17th. With that said, we would like to send out a loving farewell howl to those board members who are stepping down this year. Pup Debit, Pup Amp, Pup Skuff, and Sparky, thank you so much for your year(s) of service to SEA-PAH and the community at large. A lot of what was done could not have been without your help.

*Just want to take a moment to clarify the message that went out in the howl. While thanking Debit, Sparky and Amp for their service to the organization and wish them well as they step down from the board, we also included Skuff in that list. While Skuff was appointed to the board to fill a position that is expiring this year, he is also up for election and willing to serve if he is elected. We wish him as well as Becca Bee, Jarad Cravens, Baus Yukon, Simba, Argus Pup, Pup Ares Maverick, Pup Kodak, Pup Razz, Sir Will, Ace Schneck, Rattnip, and Growlph the best of luck in the upcoming election. Please remember to vote!

Last month was the NW Puppy and Handler Contest hosted by PDX-PAH in Portland. There were puppies representing from Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Alaska, and a few from further out. We had a blast visiting Portland and our own Chairman Meow, Nightcat, won the 50/50 raffle and donated half the winnings back to the NW Puppy Organization! The contest was amazing and well handled by the producers, judges and staff and we now have our new NW Puppy and Handler for 2016, NW Puppy Pup Turbo and NW Handler Sir Handler Clayton (Pup Pounder). Congratulations and thank you to all the other contestants who ran! It’s not easy to put yourself out there and you all represented your communities proud.

First up this month is our Board Meeting. This will be held on Wednesday 10/7 at 7pm at the Doghouse HQ. All membership is encouraged to attend.

SEA-PAH has coat check on the 9th! We are looking for several volunteers to have a fun night taking people’s clothes (off) for charity! Money raised will go towards our charity Wolf Haven! There are two shifts so if you are available for part of the night, please contact one of the board members at info@seapah.com

Next up is SML’s Leather Daddy and Daddy’s Boy Contest! This is a multi day event with a Friday night Meet and Greet, a Contest Saturday night, and a Victory Brunch on Sunday! All the information can be found at http://seattlemeninleather.org/.

The night of our monthly puppy social is also the Meet & Greet for the Seattle Daddy & Daddy’s Boy contest. Promises to be a great night and can’t wait to see you there. Friday, October 9th at the Cuff Complex, 7pm

As a result of the contest being on our normal mosh weekend, our public mosh and annual meeting have been moved to Saturday, October 17th starting at 2pm. The Annual Membership Meeting starts at 5pm.

Finally we have our Private Mosh on Sunday, October 25th, from 2-4pm at the Doghouse HQ. This is only open to current SEA-PAH members, and as such means it is a smaller more intimate mosh setting. If you need more mosh time or couldn’t make it to the public mosh, come check it out!

That’s it for this month. Don’t forget to vote!