SEA-PAH Howl! June “Pride” Edition


Camp K-9 Registration is open! Camp K-9 is SEA-PAH’s premier event, a fun filled camping weekend August 27th-30th. The first 25 people get a special prize just for registering! For more info, check out! An e-mail code should’ve gone out to all SEA-PAH members to receive the membership rate. If you haven’t received your code, please contact us at

Let’s all give a howl out to our June Birthdays!

  • Tia 6/5
  • Pup Index 6/7
  • Pup Patches 6/8
  • Pup Razor 6/20
  • Rattnip 6/22
  • Pup Kiba 6/22
  • Pup Tugger 6/23
  • Pup Debit 6/27

Remember that all news and updates can be found at!

June is pride month, and as such our schedule may look a little different. First up is our SEA-PAH social on Friday June 12th. Starting at 9pm the pups and handlers of SEA-PAH will be hosting our monthly social. All are invited to come get to know each other and build bridges between the variety of communities that we have here in Seattle. We will be on the back patio with an area set up for changing and storing gear.

Before our public mosh on Saturday the 13th, Daddy Jeff Henness will be giving us a tour of The Cuff and telling us a brief history behind the memorials and leather clubs of Seattle. For more info, check out

Right after the tour is our monthly public mosh and board meeting! For more info visit us at

Later that night Steamworks has their monthly Puppy Party, Woof! SEA-PAH members get in free with a current SEA-PAH dogtag, and receive a free locker! Have a friend who isn’t a SEA-PAH member? No problem! If they come in puppy gear, they will receive a discount on Steamworks regular rate! Steamworks is an 18+ male only environment.

That brings us to our last weekend, PRIDE! Due to Pride falling on the 4th Sunday of the month, our Private mosh for June will be canceled. That being said, we have a float in the parade and would like to ask all of you to come join us! Spots on the float itself are limited and will be given out on a first come basis on Sunday June 28th. The location and time for us to line up is still being determined and an announcement will be sent out when we have more info. We are also very happy to announce that puppies from PDX-PAH and VAN-PAH will be joining us!

After the parade is over if people are interested we might be arranging a small Walkies group to go walk around through Seattle City Center Pride Fest and down to the big fountain. There will more than likely be another group heading back up to The Cuff’s block party. As always, it is Pride and there is plenty for everyone to do! Aside from pride there is no official walkies event this month, but stay tuned next month for details about a puppy beach BBQ!

We hope you have a pride filled month!