Seattle Pride!

Happy Pride Everybody!

Pride is quickly approaching, just over 2 weeks away, and we are all very excited!

The good news is that SEA-PAH has a place in Seattle Pride Parade on Sunday June 28th. We have a float similar to last year and will be marching with the Leather Contingent. Both VAN-PAH and PDX-PAH will be joining us to march in solidarity. There is plenty of room for pups on the float, and unlimited space for those who would like to walk with us. The float will be open to SEA-PAH members first, and it will be first come first serve basis. There should be ample opportunity to switch as pups get tired of walking, but it has to be done while we are at a full stop on the route so try to plan for the long walk. SEA-PAH will be providing water, but please bring any other snacks you might want for yourself. Remember to dress to show your puppy pride, to wear comfortable shoes as it is a long walk and to wear sunscreen!

Now for the not so good news… you know, the rolled up newspaper…

The Pride Committee has not released a starting location or what our position in the parade is. What this means is we don’t know where to meet yet or what time you need to be there. Hopefully this information will become available soon, and as soon as we have it, we’ll definitely pass it on to you!