SEA-PAH Events for the Week of February 12th

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Member Event: Pup Adventure! Snowshoeing near Skykomish, Saturday the 17th, 7:30am

Presented by Pup Bruises!

Let’s get outside and enjoy some winter fun in the snow! If you are into snowshoeing or have been wanting to try it out, this is a relatively easy trek.

We will be adventuring on the Miller River Trail near Skykomish, WA.

Estimated distance: 4-6 miles (we aren’t doing the entire hike)
Estimated time on trail: 3-4 hours

Items you will need:
Warm clothing that is wind and water resistant (no cotton)
At least 2L of water
Food/snacks (we will stop for lunch at the turn around point)
Waterproof hiking boots
Snowshoes and poles (can be rented at REI for $26)
Ten essentials
Cash to cover fuel if you are not driving. $10 suggested per passenger.

We will stay together as we hike, but everyone is responsible for their own safety.

NOTE: While this is rated as ‘easy’, snowshoeing is more strenuous than hiking on a dry trail. Be aware of your physical abilities – this trip will be similar in exertion to a 6-8 mile summer hike.

Meet at Dick’s on Broadway to head up together. Please comment in the Facebook Event on the SEA-PAH page if you can drive (chains will be required unless you have AWD). Meeting time is 7:30 AM so we can be on the road by 8.

Pup hoods encouraged!

This is an 18+ Event


Walkies! Sunday the 18th, 2pm

It’s time for puppies to play games together! This month’s walkies is a puppy outing to Gameworks! Join your fellow Pups and Handlers as we invade this gaming establishment for all ages.

This is a 18+ event.


Volunteer Opportunity: SEA-PAH 2018 Kennels

New year, new board, new kennels! SEA-PAH members are always encouraged to take an active role in their SEA-PAH experience. one of the most rewarding ways to do so is to join one of the SEA-PAH kennels (committees) to help plan individual events or have an ongoing voice in year-round needs of the organization.

Kennel members will be awarded service kennel points for their service to the organization and will have a direct impact on the direction SEA-PAH takes this year. If you are interested in joining any of the kennels listed below, click on its name to send an email to the chair of that kennel.

Puppy Relations Kennel – The PR Kennel will assist in writing, editing, and distribution of official PR statements and letters from the SEA-PAH board as well as assist in moderating SEA-PAH social media.
Volunteer Kennel – The Volunteer Kennel will assist in organizing SEA-PAH volunteers and tracking Service Kennel hours and points.
LEEP Kennel –  That’s right! We are bringing back LEEP (The League of Extraordinarily Educated Puppies) and plan on bringing multiple educational classes regarding puppy play and the greater kink community to our membership this year. This kennel will help organize classes, arrange for teachers, and flesh out topics.
Tech Kennel –  The Tech Kennel will help oversee the technical aspects of SEA-PAH to ensure the website, emails, and other technologies stay up and running all year round.
Telegram Kennel –  The official SEA-PAH Telegram chat has become a great way for our members, and non-members, to bark at each other to make plans for events, carpool arrangements, and generally get to know the community. The chat has grown and so has the need for moderators. The Telegram kennel will work with the board to help moderate the Telegram barkroom fairly and within the rules and processes of the room.

Be a Bigger Part of SEA-PAH!

This year, we would love to see our membership help SEA-PAH become more than it is. So far, we have had a few of our members (two this month!) plan events for our organization and community, and we have been happy to include those events on the SEA-PAH calendar and in the Howl. If you would like to arrange events for the SEA-PAH membership that you would like to see happen, please let us know! We are happy to help promote it in the Howl and add it to the official SEA-PAH calendar as long as it does not violate any of SEA-PAH’s bylaws or rules. You can email Puppy Relations with your event by the 25th of each month for it to be included in the Howl, on the website, and on the official SEA-PAH calendar.

We also want to see things from your perspective! If you would like to write on puppy play, have poetry or a short story about the community, artwork that embodies puppy play to you, or just have an unique perspective within the community, you can be featured in the Howl! Puppy Relations is currently accepting submissions for “Group Howl” which will feature writings and interviews of SEA-PAH members every month that we have submissions to use. You can email your ideas to Puppy Relations for consideration.