Unleashed what to wear?

Unleashed is just a few short weeks away, and I am already dripping with excitement. As I dig my gear out of the closet and try to pick out an outfit for this fun filled event, I thought I’d take just a moment and give you all a little background behind why we are hosting this shindig. Last year we did a survey asking you, the members of SEA-PAH what you wanted to see from us. The results of that survey indicated that a good number of you really wanted to see a dress up gear party that was outside of the normal bar venues. In addition the CSPC was very high on the list of venues that you wanted to see us working with, so here we are.

The theme for this big soiree is Locker Room. Here is your chance to dress up not only in your pup gear but anything else you would like as well; cleats, jocks, shoulder pads, and the whole nine yards. Of course you don’t need to stick with the locker room theme. You can dress however you like, in any gear you enjoy, and if you don’t have any gear well that’s fine too. As always, gear is not required; having fun on the other hand is.

For more information on Unleashed check out this blog post http://seapah.com/unleashed/

Respectfully yours,


President of SEA-PAH