Welcome the 2016 SEAPAH Board of Directors!


After a much successful election cycle, we would like to welcome our new board members! As our first act of the SEAPAH board 2016, it was our duty to elect the new officers that will serve you in the upcoming year.

2016 will be a fantastic year for SEAPAH! With a new board comes new fresh ideas, but the main focus, as always, is you! We will work hard to bring you exciting new events as well as a renewed focus on all of our members involvement in the planning and production of these events!

We would like to thank Sean Sparky for his hard work and dedication over this past year and wish him the best as he steps down. His contributions over the past year have been amazing, from the redesign of SEAPAH.com to all of our wonderful posters and flyers. Thank you!

Due to Sparky stepping down, we have a vacant spot on the board that needs filled and we want YOU! That’s right, we are looking for volunteers to fill the vacant position. If you would like to be considered for this position, please email us a letter of interest that includes a short bio, what unique skills you have, and what you would like to do as a board member. We will review all applicants thoroughly. During our SEAPAH social on Nov. 13 at the Cuff Complex, we will do a meet and greet with all the candidates. Prior to the Mosh on Nov. 14th, the board will hold an executive closed meeting and choose the new board member to fill the vacancy. We look forward to seeing all the wonderful members come out on the 13 to help us in choosing your next board member by socializing and getting to know the possible candidates.

With all that being said, Let me announce to you the new SEAPAH board of 2016!

President-             Nathan Deneau (Baus Yukon)

Vice President-     Pup Danger

Treasurer-             Rattnip LaBrie

Secretary-             Pup Spike

Marketing-             a marketing committee has been put into place to handle marketing until the new board member is selected as there was a tie in this position. Current committee members are Pup Diesel, Growlph and Nightcat

PR-                       Skuff Pup

Director at Large   Nightcat

Director at Large   Pup Diesel

Director at Large   Growlph

Director at Large   Vacant

From your new 2016 SEAPAH board we want to thank you! We all look forward to serving you this year!

Howls and Tailwags!

Skuff Pup