March Howl!



Aroooooooo!!!! Happy Leather Pride everybody!

As always we would like to start with a Birthday shout out to all our members in March:
Argi                 3/3
Pup Skye         3/6
Pup Cubby       3/7
Daddy Robert   3/7
Daddy Kasey   3/9
Pup Jake         3/14
Daddy Jeff       3/16
True Pup         3/24
Pup Rivet        3/25
Daddy Ryan     3/25
Pup Booster     3/29
Pup Axel          3/29
To start I would like to announce that we have made a lot of progress with our website! Already the next month’s schedule is up and running on a static site while we continue working on it in the background! If you ever have a question about our schedule or activities for the month, please check their first.
First up for March is our monthly mosh on 3/14 at 2pm. This will be held on the Cuff Dancefloor, entrance off of Pine between 12th and 13th. SEA-PAH members are encouraged to stay afterwards for our monthly SEA-PAH Board Meeting. So come and show all the love that puppies have to offer! Also, we are going to have a quick workshop at the beginning of the mosh! Kognition, a local puppy handler, is going to give a demonstration about some techniques for the care and handling of puppies. This will be an interactive presentation, so please be sure to arrive on time! Check for more details at
That night, 3/14, Steamworks will once again be hosting Woof! SEA-PAH members will get in free with a current membership and your SEA-PAH dogtag, and receive a free locker! Have a friend who isn’t a member? If they come with puppy gear, they will get a discount! Steamworks is a male only 18+ environment.
The following weekend, SEA-PAH will be kicking off Leather Pride week with a public Sunday Mosh! As a part of Leather Pride week the normal members-only mosh will be moved to a public mosh. This will be at the Cuff Complex starting at 1pm. We are working on another great workshop for this mosh as well.
Last month SEA-PAH invaded Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center for some Go-Karts, Arcade games, and some pup-pup golf (mini golf). Those who attended seemed to have a lot of fun and pictures will be available soon on the website. This month we will be getting our howl on – the SEAPAH walkies committee is pleased to present puppies go Karaoke! Stay tuned for details about our barking, yapping, and treat-eating adventure.
Lastly, the end of March is Leather Pride week, and there is plenty going on! If you would like to see what other events are going on, check in at to see their calendar.
That’s all for now, and don’t forget to check out for more information as it gets updated!
Pup Danger