Unleashed Raffle Prize #4 & #5, and a Letter from Nightcat!

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In the final announcements of our price packages we have wonderful raffle prizes from our own brothers.

First up, there will be a certificate donated by Pup Danger, who is the talent behind Dangerous Designs. You have scene his great collars, and he has donated 1 certificate to get a custom chain collar of your own! Perfect!

And lastely our dear friends at Dog House Leathers has put together a prize basket of awesome gear that you will just have to see to believe. You know Doghouse is Seattle best place for all your pup gear needs and they have been a great supporter of SEA-PAH from the very beginning.

Remember to check out the rules about our raffle by going to http://seapah.com/unleashed-raffle/



Please we also have a letter from our presi-kitty about tonight! Got to check this out!


Getting together the last bit of stuff for tonight’s Unleashed A Locker Room Romp

Our Djs Bloodwiser and Ezo are warming up and getting some great tunes together.

No Safeword Show is testing out the mics and Daddy Tony is thinking up his opening “Hello my Little…” And Sparky is well… putting up with Daddy.

Speaking of Daddy Tony I bet he’s starting to figure out what floggers and paddles he’s going to bring for his Impact Demo

Chris is figuring out what rope to bring for his demo. I wonder who he will tie up. Maybe it will be you :3

Oh hey I also just found out our International Puppy Figaro and NW Handler Daddy Rodney will be joining us. Feel free to tackle them they give good pets.

We have our sponsor raffle already

Huge toy pack from Ox Balls
Couple of toy packs from The Dogs Bolloxx
Gifts from Steamworks including free rooms
Bunch of goodies from Dog House Leather
Fun items from Toys in Babe Land
And a custom collar from Dangerous Designs

As for me. Well I get to let out a sigh of relief watching this event lift up off of the ground. The idea has evolved a few time but it’s coming together nicely.

I’d really like to take a moment and thank my board for all the hard work they have put into this. Your out standing work is about to pay off.

Respectfully yours,
President of SEA-PAH

Unleashed Raffle Prize #3

2015-05-28 23.24

Tonight is Unleashed and we have some great prizes for our raffle that have been provided by our amazing sponsors.

The devious minds over at Dogs BolloXX sent us a great package of items that every puppy is going to go nuts over. Here you will find a giant bone gag that has to be seen to be believed! There is also a collection of bone charms for your collar, and a fun doggie bandana. And finally there is a huge puppy flag! WRRRUUUFFF!!! And be sure to check out all the great products from Dogs BolloXX by going to http://www.thedogsbolloxx.co.uk/

There are more prizes, ready for you to win tonight! Remember to check out the rules of the raffle by going to:

Unleashed Raffle Prize #2 – Toys in Babe Land Gift Bag!

2015-05-28 23.34

We are getting down to the wire for Unleashed, it is just a day away! And that means we need to talk about another fabulous prize from our Sponsors.

Toys in Babeland has been a big part of our community since 1993, and we love them for providing us this fun package. You will get a vibrating egg toy that looks to be a lot of fun, and there is a can of arrousal balm! And this package includes a free workshop at Toys in Babeland! You can find out more about their awesome workshops by going to http://www.babeland.com/community/events!

And this isn’t the end of the prizes in this raffle! Be sure to check out the rules for the raffle in our previous post: http://seapah.com/unleashed-raffle/

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