Camp K9 Registration Closing – August 25th

WRRRUUFFF!! Heya all you handlers and pups out there! Just a quick notice about the upcoming Camp K-9 event and when you need to get your tickets by.

This year the cutoff date is August 25th, at midnight. At that time we will be shutting down the registration process. Our new all web based registration system allows for last minute booking for those that need to wait.

So please do wait until the last minute!

(hold on, a bunch of people are yelling at me… you don’t want me to tell them to wait until the last minute? OHHHHH… I see!)

Ok, turns out, don’t wait until the last minute! You see, each registration we get now helps us plan for the activities and other preparations at the camp site. Having a good idea of numbers is going to help a lot.

If you are planning on going, now is the time to plan ahead for it and book your reservation! It helps us and it will help you. This year is going to be awesome and we can’t wait to see you there!

2015 Annual SEA-PAH Survey!

Hello Members!

It’s that time of the year again! From July 15th through August 15th, the SEAPAH annual survey is open to all members and friends of SEAPAH. Please take a few moments to give the board of directors your feedback. Every year the survey guides the next boards activities and shapes what kinds of events we focus on in the year following. Let us know how we’re doing, and what you want to see from us next.

The survey is now available here: – take it now!

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