April Howl!



This is your April Howl! Lets get rolling!

They Say it’s your birthday, It’s our birthday too!!

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Happy birthday to you all, and happy birthday to SEAPAH! That’s right, it’s our 4th birthday! Let’s make the month awesome!

Here’s a quick run down of our schedule for the month.

Wednesday April 6th, 7pm- board meeting at Doghouse Leathers

Friday, April 8th, 9pm- Friday Social at the Cuff Complex

Saturday, April 9th, 2pm- Birthday mosh at the Cuff Complex

Saturday, April 16th, 2pm- Walkies

Saturday, April 23rd, 7pm- The Menagerie at CSPC Annex

Sunday, April 24th, 2pm- Members only mosh at Doghouse Leathers

Thursday, April 28th, 7pm- Movie Night at Doghouse Leathers

First up, Our monthly board meeting has been moved to April 6th at 7pm. It’s an open meeting. So feel free to come on out and see your board hard at work!

Get your gear on to celebrate our birthday at our monthly Social on Friday the 8th starting at 9pm! Break out your leather, rubber or favorite gear and come on out to The Cuff Complex and have a wagging good time!

Are you ready to mosh? Do you want to celebrate our birthday? Well, come on out on Saturday, April 9th at 2pm to 530pm at the Cuff Complex to wag, party and have an awesome birthday! Do you like Pie? Let me tell, you we love pie. We love pie so much we are going to do a pie fundraiser to see which board member can get the most tickets! The winner gets a pie thrown in their face! Yum! It’s all fun and games, so come on out and see who can generate the most amount of tickets and win a pie to the face! Oh! Did we mention we will also be having a BBQ directly following the Mosh? Well, we are! Music, food, bartender and good friends to have a great time! Afterwards, plan on helping us raid CC’attles for the night to party! This will be a 21+ event. CC’s is located on 1701 E. Olive Way in our wonderful Emerald City!

Saturday, April 16th is our Walkies! Information to be announced on this event at a later date. This is an 18+ event.

Saturday, April 23rd at the CSPC is The Menagerie! Let your inner animal out to play! The Menagerie is open! It doesn’t matter if you’re an animal or handler, collared or un-collared, in rubber, leather, fur suit, puppy, kitty, pony or anything else! Whether you’re looking to gnaw on a bone, chase some tail, attack a ball of yarn or just melt into a fuzzy cuddle puddle, this is the party for you! Come on out and join everyone at the CSPC! There will be a social time from 7pm to 8pm to get to know each other as well as for anyone new to the CSPC to learn the rules. After, let the fun begin! Nudity, play, exhibitionism and other ‘activities’ begin at 8pm and go until 2pm. Any type of play is allowed at this party! CSPC members, invited guest and SEA-PAH members cost, $20.00 for non-members, $30.00. This event is held every 3 months at the CSPC.

Sunday, the 24th, come on out to round out our birthday month for our private mosh! This will be at Doghouse leathers starting at 2pm and is for SEA-PAH members only.

Thursday, April 28th is our Movie Night. Grab your favorite pillow, pup or plush (the three P’s!) and snuggle up for our monthly snuggle fest at Doghouse Leathers. We will post an event on Facebook the week of to pick a few movies, then the night of, we will pick a movie to watch that night. So, come on out at 7pm!

IML is coming up at the end of May. For those of you who are not going, there’s no reason to stay at home that weekend! Join us for Unleashed May 27th! This time, we are changing things ups bit. The beginning of the night will start off with a Gear social. Come on out and meet some folks while getting to know us and the staff of the Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC). As the evening goes, on we will be moving into the play part of the evening. This year, instead of doing demos, we would like you to come experience things instead. Ever wonder what it is like to be flogged? Do you want to be tied up and suspended? What’s all the excitement with electro play? Are you curious about puppy play and would like to experience that or want to experience being a handler? Come on out and find out. So, Save the date as details will be coming soon!

We hope that your April is wonderful and full of joy! Happy birthday to all of YOU!

One Love, One Pack!

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Pppppsssttttt. Hey you, yes you! Skuff here, and I got something to tell ya! But, don’t tell the President that I’m telling you this as I don’t want the rolled up news paper! Guess what’s coming?? CAMP K-9!! It’s August 25th through the 28th. Keep an eye on http://seapah.com/campk9/ for more!