SEA-PAH Howl! August Edition


Camp K9 Registration is open! Camp K9 is SEA-PAH’s premier event, a fun filled camping weekend August 27th-30th. The first 25 people got a special prize just for registering! For more info, check out! An e-mail code should’ve gone out to all SEA-PAH members to receive the membership rate. If you haven’t received your code, please contact us at Registration closes on August 25th!!!!

Paw and Pounce weekend is August 14th-16th. More information below.

Also don’t forget this years survey is out and available! Please take a few minutes and fill it out to help SEA-PAH know how you would like them to progress into the next year!

Happy Birthday to all our August Pups and Handlers:

  • Damien            8/2
  • Pup Bolt           8/5
  • Pup Danger       8/9
  • Pup Sprinkles    8/17
  • Pup Simba        8/18
  • Pup Sparkles     8/20

Some of our events have shifted around for this month so please take note of special dates.

First our Social and Public Mosh that would normally be held on August 7th and 8th are being “canceled” to support Paw and Pounce weekend the following week.

On Saturday, August 8th, instead of a mosh we will be having a Membership Meeting from 3-4pm at The Cuff. All of our Membership is encouraged to attend. Afterwards will be our normal board meeting.

Aroooo!!! SEA-PAH is hosting a BBQ on August 9th at The Cuff. It starts at 4:00pm on the back patio. Come join Chairman Meow (Night Cat), Pup of the Year Argus and Dog Wonder Debit for some hot meat, cool drinks and socialization. It’s a great way to support our beneficiary, Wolf Haven, and meet other members of the community. All are welcome.
If you would like to volunteer, you can contact Pup Debit at

August 14th through 16th is Paw and Pounce weekend put on by NW Puppy and Handler Contest and our 2015 title holders, Daddy Rodney and Pup Kona. There is a mixer/social on Friday night, a regional mosh, Q&A, and Fundraiser Saturday night, and a BBQ on Sunday! It’ll be a wagtastic time and more information can be found at

Paw and Pounce is still looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping out on one or more of these days, please contact Nightcat at

On Saturday August 22nd from 2-5pm we will have a Walkies Event: Board Games! Bring some snacks and maybe a few of your favorite board games to Doghouse Leathers HQ! Don’t have any games to bring with you? No Problem, we have games ready to go! Multiple rooms means we can have multiple games!

Our Private Mosh which would normally be held on the 23rd will be canceled due to Camp K-9 the following week.

Finally it’s here! Camp K9 is here! From August 27th – August 30th SEA-PAH is going to the woods to run and romp freely! Camp K9 was so much fun last year with going to the river and dancing to Live DJed music from several of our members! This year we even added an extra day so we could do so much more! While registration is open until August 25th, we are ordering your pins on August 1st and after that we can not guarantee anyone a pin. We will be ordering extras, but if you want to guarantee you get one, please register by August 1st. Whether you can make it out Thursday for the campfire, Friday night for the Social, or Saturday night for the Raffle, you will have a blast this weekend. All the info and more can be found at

Speaking of the Raffle, we’d like to take this time to thank our sponsors. First is Steamworks, who thanks to their sponsorship we were able to get the pint glasses for the early bird registration prize. We’d like to thank The Dogs Bollux, Dangerous Designs, and Doghouse Leathers for donating items to our raffle! Without you guys we couldn’t keep doing these amazing events!

That’s it for this month everyone! We hope you are all having a good summer!