Best in Show is SEA-PAH’s fundraiser contest. We team up with other local organizations to bring you teams of competitors to perform to raise funds for a SEA-PAH need or specific beneficiary.


What: Best in Show: Drag me to Church

Where: The Cuff Complex

When: Saturday November 25th, 2017. 7pm (Doors at 6pm)

Beneficiary: The Lambert House Capital Campaign

$10 Suggested Donation at Door


Join SEA-PAH and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Abbey of Saint Joan as we bring you one of the most fabulous Best in Show productions yet!


What is Best in Show?

Best in Show is an annual contest that turns the idea of contest on it’s head. Competitors are asked to, above all else, have fun. Teams of competitors are pitted against each other to perform two scenes for the audience, judging is live, judges can be bribed, or in any other way persuaded, to adjust their scores by the audience, and the audience can increase a Team’s score through donations in their name.

Best in Show is designed to remove the stress of the title contest and encourage the contestants to have fun and be themselves while the audience gets involved and is entertained. Every year the funds raised from Best in Show are used to provide SEA-PAH with a specific organizational need, or are used to assist in a worthy cause.


Who is the Beneficiary?

Join us this year as we raise funds for The Lambert House Capital Campaign.¬†Lambert House began in the early 1980’s as a group of youth and youth supporters who came together in order to create ways for sexual minority youth to meet. As the grassroots effort took form, the Association of Gay and Lesbian Youth Advocates (AGLYA) carved out its existence.

In 1991 AGLYA seized an opportunity to lease an old Victorian house in Capitol Hill, Seattle’s queer neighborhood. In 1993 AGLYA became an independent organization named after Gray Lambert, a local queer youth advocate.

The Lambert House continues to provide youth services to LGBTQ+ youth in the Seattle Area. There are not words strong enough to describe how important the work this organization does and they are currently at risk of losing their location. We want to help make sure that The Lambert House continues to be able to operate within our community and provide these services for generations to come.


How do I get involved in Best in Show?

We are always looking for volunteers to enter as contestants, help contestants prepare, accept donations, entertain, and keep score. Email Producer Pup Harley at if you are interested in helping.