Announcing Camp K9 2017

SEA-PAH is so excited about our fourth annual CAMP K9, from August 24th (Thursday) to August 27th (Sunday)! Last year was our Biggest, Longest, and Wildest, and this year, we’re amping up the Camp even more!

In addition to the things you saw last year at CAMP K9 (moshes, walkies, BBQ, campfires and nighttime fun), this year will be more Wild, have more demos, and have more events!

Wait until you see the raffle items we have lined up from our amazing sponsors this year!

We’re bringing back some old favorite events

  • Karaoke
  • Swimming
  • Nightly Dances and Parties
  • Hiking
  • Play Parties
  • Photo Shoots
  • Games
  • Cigar Social

…and introducing even more things to do!

  • Rope Classes
  • Whiskey Social
  • Flogging Experiences
  • Puppy Play Classes

Tickets will go on sale June 1st from this page! Keep an eye on our blog post for additional info as we keep adding to the excitement!


MEMBERS: Watch your email (and spam folder) in the days before registration opens for the special discount code.



August 24th through 27th



TRC Campground

47715 Mountain Loop Highway, Granite Falls, WA



Registration is now Open!

Event cost is $60 per person, or $50 per person with SEAPAH membership (watch your emails in the days before June 1st!)

SEA-PAH Members can take advantage of the SEA-PAH scholarship fund to assist in your registration costs. Please email for more information.

Please also go to and click on the TRC-ID Free. This will save you from having to hand write the waiver and TRC registration upon arrival. 


RV Camping:

We will have two RV sections this year. Party Row and a more secluded back lot. Please email us at to setup a site ahead of time.



The TRC campground is 21+ only, so we must also require that all attendees are over 21 with proper I.D.


What to Bring: 

  • Camping Gear (i.e. Tent, sleeping bags, chairs, small grills or BBQ’s etc.)
  • Rain Gear (It is the PNW after all!)
  • Alcohol
  • Food and Water (lots of water!)
  • Gear for moshing
  • Sunscreen and Bug Spray
  • Firewood (also available at TRC for a charge) and Kindling
  • Pet needs (if bringing a bio-pup, bring poop bags!)
  • Trash bags and Toilet Paper

TRC Recommends

REI Recommends

The following Rules do apply.


No refunds are available for this event, unfortunately. All sales are final.


The rules for bio-dogs, including service dogs, are:

  1. Bio-pups must be on a leash when not at your campsite.
  2. Bio-pups are allowed off leash at the beach only.
  3. Bring your bio-pups at your own risk.
  4. Neither SEA-PAH nor TRC are liable for your bio-pup companion.
  5. Dogs that misbehave (for example: disturb other campers or their property, cause damage, etc.) may be ejected by the hosts.

Camp Site:

  1. Use assigned fire pits or BBQ’s (no random camp fires)
  2. No Loud music past 11pm (be mindful of other campers)
  3. Do not harm nature
  4. Respect TRC’s property as well as other camper’s property
  5. See TRC website for additional rules and requirements.
  6. When in doubt, TRC rules and SEA-PAH bylaws apply!

Weekend Schedule and Frequently Asked Questions:


Registration is open from 12pm-630pm – Host Hut

1pm-3pm – Whiskey with Nightcat – Dancefloor

4pm-5pm – Obedience Class with Caressa and Daddy JJ – Site 500

5pm-6:30pm –  Rope Class with Chris Kauffman – Site 500

7pm –  Flag Presentation – Site 500

8pm-10pm –  Grilled Cheese and Blow Jobs – Site 500


Registration is open from 12pm-630pm – Host Hut

HIV Screening will be available from 11am-3pm – Host Hut

1pm-2pm – Working Dogs with Carla – Site 500

2pm-3pm – Drunken Arts and Crafts – Site 500

3pm-5pm – Organized Swim – Meet at Host Hut

5pm-6:30pm – Rope Demo & Pups in the Woods Photoshoot – Trade R Diks

6:30pm-8pm – President’s Cigar Social presented by SGOL – Site 500

8pm – 2am – Open Meet & Sniff with Karaoke! – Pleasure Park


Registration is open from 12pm-2pm – Host Hut

10am Naked Hike – Site 500

11:30am-12:30pm – SML Lunch – Site 500

12:30pm – 2pm –  Functional Flogging with Daddy JJ

2pm – 4:30p –  Mosh – Dance Floor

6pm – 7pm – Service Dogs! with BECCA – Dance Floor

7pm – 8:30pm – Luau With Cocktail service by the Knights of Mantra – Site 500

8pm – 11p – Black Light Party – Dance Floor

11pm – 2am – After Party – Trade R Diks


1. Is there running water at camp?

Unless you count the river, no. Please bring plenty of drinking water, as the river is not potable. Great for swimming, bad for drinking.

2. Are there restrooms at camp?

Yes, there are portable restrooms. We recommend you use these whenever possible throughout the weekend.

3. How big of a tent can I bring?

Please bring and use tents of appropriate size for you and your group’s use. Excessively large tents take up a lot of space, and can cut down on space for other campers. We recommend sticking to a rule of bringing tents sized for 6-8 people for a 4-6 person group. For you math-lovers, use the rule “(Tent size) – 2 = (People)”.

4. My friends are coming later, can I set up their tents?

No. Per TRC’s rules, spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If your friends haven’t arrived yet, please do not set up their tents and gear in advance.

5. Are bio-dogs allowed at camp?

Yes! Please remember that your bio-dogs:

● Must be on a leash when not at your campsite.

● Are allowed off-leash at the beach or at your campsite only.

● Are brought at your own risk; neither SEA-PAH nor TRC are liable for your bio-dog companion.

● May be ejected by the hosts if they misbehave (cause damage, disturb other campers or their property, etc.).

6. How naked and sexy can I be at camp?

As naked and sexy as you want, provided all parties that you want to be sexy with are consenting! Please note that you MUST​ cover any genitals when crossing the main road between the lower area and the upper area, and must take off any hoods/masks/etc. when doing so. We don’t want a car accident from folks looking at your gorgeous selves!

7. Can I have a cool campfire this year?

For the latest updates on fire bans, please visit TRC’s website. Propane stoves are allowed, so please feel free to bring those for cooking!

8. How early can I arrive at camp?

We ask that you do not arrive at Camp K9 any earlier than 10 am Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. This is so that your lovely staff has time to wake up and have coffee before helping you find your campsite and check in. If you arrive before registration opens, you will need to come back to registration once it opens.

9. Can I have drugs and alcohol at camp?

TRC is a 21+ campground, and alcohol, cigarettes, cigars, vapes, and marijuana are allowed at camp as a result. We ask that you please be considerate of your fellow campers, and of the environment. Per TRC’s policy, please leave any other items, especially those that are not legal in Washington State, at home.