Every year, the SEA-PAH Membership elects a charity to receive funds raised through different efforts by SEA-PAH throughout the year. Coat Checks, BBQs, and other events raise funds that are then donated to the charities in an effort to be more connected to our community and assist great organizations with the work they do.


This Year’s SEA-PAH Beneficiary is: The Lambert House

Lambert House is a center for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth that empowers youth through the development of leadership, social, and life skills.

Lambert House began in the early 1980’s as the Association of Gay and Lesbian Youth Advocates (AGLYA), a group of youth and youth supporters who came together in order to create ways for sexual minority youth to meet. On May 1, 1981 AGLYA became the first organization 100% dedicated to LGBTQ youth to receive 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.

In 1991 AGLYA seized an opportunity to lease an old Victorian house in Capitol Hill, Seattle’s queer neighborhood. In 1993 AGLYA was renamed Lambert House after Gray Lambert, a local queer youth advocate who helped secure funding to find the organization a more stable home.

Lambert House is a national leader in LGBTQ youth community building – the primary prevention strategy for the constellation of risks that disproportionately affects all LGBTQ youth. The risks we address include: social isolation, depression, suicide, alcohol and other drug use, HIV & other STDs, family conflict that can lead to homelessness and survival sex, and school failure. Lambert House provides LGBTQ youth with daily opportunities to make friends with other youth like themselves and with supportive adults. It is this connection with peers and adults that immediately makes life better for LGBTQ youth. Lambert House is where life gets better.

SEA-PAH is proud to be working to raise funds for this amazing organization!