January Howl



It’s a brand new year, and that means all new exciting adventures for SEA-PAH! Of course, before we get to that, let’s celebrate some birthdays!

Pup Trix

Pup Tender Heart

Fentic Rimsky

Doux Papa


Pup Benji

Pup Boss

GPup Alpha


Pup Jarrad



Alex Payne

Apollo Vidra


Happy birthday to all of you! May each of your days be wonderful and wagtastic!

Who wants to socialize? Oh wait, that’s us! Come join us Friday the 8th at 9pm at the Cuff Complex to wag and sniff some tails at our monthly social night!

Come join us for our first mosh of the new year on Saturday the 9th! Beginning at 2pm at the Cuff Complex, we will have the mats out, and of course, having a  tail wagging good time! So, bring your friends as this is an open mosh. Also, for our members, we will have our monthly board meeting beginning directly after the mosh.

Next up, Saturday the 16th at 2pm is Walkies! Our walkies events are 18+ events that allow us to get together outside the typical bar setting and socialize as an organization. This Month’s walkies is TBA, but past walkies have included bowling, karaoke, and trips to Bullwinkles! So stand by for more fun details!

Also on Saturday the 16th is Coat Check at the Cuff Complex! As always, this is your chance to volunteer and help us with fund raising for our charity. Being as we now have Saturdays, we need more volunteers than normal! We need 5 volunteers for coat check. If you would like to volunteer, please contact diesel@seapah.com!

We have a new monthly event; Thursday night Movies! Every 4th Thursday from 7pm-9pm Doghouse HQ and SEA-PAH will host a monthly puppy movie night. The first one will be on January 21st, so bring a blanket, some quiet toys, a pillow, and maybe your favorite movie. We’ll take a group consensus at the beginning of the night to pick the movie.

This month’s private mosh will be held Sunday the 31st at doghouse HQ going from 2pm to 4pm. This is a members only mosh and time to enjoy one of the many perks of SEA-PAH membership!

Don’t forget to renew you membership! Being a member has its rewards, and ensuring that your membership is current will continue to get you those awesome rewards, such as our members mosh!

Lastly, we will begin placing orders for dog tag replacements. This is for ACTIVE members who have lost their tags or have never received their tag due to previous issues. Please email membership@seapah.com to let us know if you need a new tag.

We hope that the new year brings you all a renewed energy and spirit for 2016!

One pack, One Love!

Skuff Pup

Puppy Relations