January Howl!



Hello all you waggy pups and kittens! And all the licks the handlers!

Let’s start off this month with a happy birthday to all those coming over the next month:
Steinbeck 2/2
Eric Fierke 2/4
Pup Amp 2/7
Matthew Schwab 2/8
Kovu 2/8
Daddy Kevin 2/18
Crash Pup 2/18
Pup Razz 2/19
Growlph 2/27

Before we get into the Events for the month, SEA-PAH has a big announcement! Some of you may have noticed that our website is currently down and under construction. This is because we are currently redesigning the entire thing. What this means is soon the SEA-PAH website, accessible from www.seapah.com, www.seapah.net and www.seapah.org will soon be your one stop for all information pertaining to the group. This will include, but is not limited to, our newsletter, blog articles, our calendar and all event information, board of directors contact info and much more. Get ready for some big things heading your way soon!

Just this last weekend we had our first Walkies event: Bowling and Pizza! Everyone who showed up had a blast and we were happy to see several new faces as well. Overall we had 20 pups, kitties, handlers and a few others show up and took over 4 lanes of the AMF Imperial Lanes.

On Friday January 30th, The Eagle will be hosting Arf! Arf! is a puppy event that the Eagle throws for pups and other gear oriented enthusiasts. Come in gear to get a discount at the door.

We are all very excited that our next public mosh will be on February 14th at 2pm. This will be held on the Cuff Dancefloor, entrance off of Pine between 12th and 13th. SEA-PAH members are encouraged to stay afterwards for our monthly SEA-PAH Board Meeting. So come and show all the love that puppies have to offer!

If you are looking for something fun to do that evening, Steamworks will be holding their second puppy night, Woof! Last month was their debut party and close to 20 SEA-PAH members went out to attend! Open to males 18+, Steamworks is granting free membership and a locker, a $24 value, to any SEA-PAH member and a discount for those friends of ours who aren’t members who come in pup gear! Go enjoy the steam room, splay out in the lounge, or get into some naughty trouble in the maze… either way it sounds like a great time for a pup!

As many of you have heard, Doghouse Leathers is expanding their store. This is amazing as the premier leather store in the NW we can expect all sorts of new puppy gear and other things from them in the near future. Sadly this brings us to some sad news for SEA-PAH. The monthly member-only mosh that has been held in the bunker will be coming to a close. February 22nd will be the final member mosh to be held in the bunker. Fear not, for we have something in the works for March and hopefully will have more news on a new location over the next month.

Our final event for February will be our next Walkies event: Bullwinkle’s! That’s right, the pups and handlers of SEA-PAH will be invading Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center for hours of Go-kart, mini golf, lazer tag and even some tokens to play around in the arcade! So come join us on Saturday, February 28th from 4-7 pm and let’s have a howling good time!

Leather Pride month is quickly approaching. Every year at the Award Brunch SEA-PAH gives out two awards, the Good Puppy award and the Puppy’s Best Friend award. In previous years the award for Good Puppy went to Pup Trix for his amazing community service and to Pup Amp for his many contributions to the organization and being an ambassador to the puppy community. The award for Puppy’s Best Friend has gone to Daddy Jeff for his amazing generosity and support and to Matthew Schwab for his amazing dedication to SEA-PAH. We are still looking to you for nominations. Pleas send nominations to president@seapah.com.
That’s all for this month! Check back next month for updates and new activities!

Pup Danger