November Howl


Hello everyone! Welcome to the November Howl!

First, we want to thank you all for a wonderful election cycle! Your votes helped to elect your new board. So, how about we say hello to them? 

President, Nathan Deneau (Baus Yukon)

Vice President, Pup Danger

Treasurer, Rattnip LaBrie

Secretary, Pup Spike

Marketing, a marketing committee has been put into place to handle marketing until the new board member is selected as there was a tie in this position. Current committee members are Pup Diesel, Growlph and Nightcat

PR, Skuff Pup

Director at Large, Nightcat

Director at Large, Pup Diesel

Director at Large, Growlph

Director at Large, Vacant

There will be interviews for the open board position during our monthly Social on the 13th, which the interview portion will run from 9pm until 11pm. After the interviews, the board will convene into executive session to appoint the new board member. Afterwards, the board will announce the new member during the Social. 

If you are interested in the open position, please send a letter of interest to

Our monthly board meeting will move to before the mosh on 11/14 at Doghouse HQ (above Doghouse) from 12-2pm. The mosh will run at its usual time, beginning at 2 pm.

They Say it’s your Birthday! *waggles to the music* let’s wish all of our friends a happy birthday for this month! 

Pup Gray 11/10

Dash        11/26

Sr. Beyonce 11/20

Skuff Pup 11/07

Matt Haskins 11/16

Pride Lives, a day of suicide prevention awareness on Saturday, November 14. Gather at the Cuff in the dog run starting at 2 pm for instructions and materials. Groups of volunteers will head out to various businesses at 2:45 to deliver posters and postcards. Volunteers drop of materials, take pictures at the businesses, then head back to the Cuff. The after party is on the downstairs dance floor from 6-9 pm. Starting at 7, we’ll talk about the day and remember those lost to suicide. Our own DJ Bloodwiser will be playing music.

Interested in volunteering? Now is your chance! We are starting to gather members for the Audit committee! If you’re interested, please feel free to email

Also, Coat Check! It’s that time of year, which means its time for us to begin filling those slots. Our awesome Pup Diesel is heading coat check this year, so feel free to contact him at to volunteer! Here are our dates for this year! 

Nov 28th

Dec 19th

Jan 16th

March 12th

May 21st.

All coat check dates start at 7pm and run until close. Two shifts with two volunteers.

Our walkies event will be on Nov. 21st. We will be doing a gear movie night at Doghouse HQ! Time to be announced and movie picked once we are there. So, get your gear, bring your pillow and get ready for a pup pile! 

Finally, this months private mosh will be moved to Nov. 29th. So, set your calendars and lets have great time! 

We hope you have a wonderful November and a Happy Thanksgiving! 



PR Pup