SEA-PAH is one of many organizations devoted to pups and handlers, so we highly recommend you also check them out in your discovery of what puppy play is.

Vancouver Pups and Handlers (VAN-PAH)
Vancouver, British Columbia:

Portland Pups and Handlers (PDX-PAH)
Portland, Oregon:

SF K-9 Unit
San Francisco, CA:

Boise Pups and Handlers (BOI-PAH)
Boise, Idaho:

Arizona Pups and Handlers (A-PAH)

Denver Pups and Handlers (DEN-PAH)
Denver, Colorado:

Maritime Pups and Handlers (MAR-PAH)

International Pups and Handlers (I-PAH)

New Orleans Pups and Handlers (NOLA-PAH)
New Orleans, Louisiana:

Tampa/St. Petersburg Pups and Handlers (TSP-PAH)
Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida:

Calgary Kinky Kennel Club
Calgary, Alberta:

Mid-Atlanta Kennel Corps
Washington, DC:

Los Angeles Pup Park (LAPP)
Los Angeles, California:

Palm Springs Pup Patrol (PSPP)
Palm Springs, California:

San Diego Puppy Patrol (SDPP)
San Diego, California:

Chicago Puppy Patrol (CPP)
Chicago, Illinois:

Lansing Puppy Patrol (LPP)
Lansing, Michigan:

Michigan Puppy Patrol (MiPP)

St. Louis Puppy Patrol (StLPP)
St Louis, Missouri:

New England Pups (NEPups)

Ruff Pups Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky (RPCNKY)