January 2022

SEA-PAH Howl - January 2022

January is a time for renewal,  a time to enjoy all the good that has come your way, and look forward to the improvements throughout the new year.   We continue to navigate the existing issues,  but with the right force and a solid footing,  2022 will be TENS of fun!

Information is frequently updated on the SEA-PAH website, so make sure you visit regularly! Don't miss out on any of the wagtastic fun, be sure to check out all of our events on the events page and committee meetings on the meetings page.


A message from SEA-PAH 2021 Board

2021 will go down as a critical year for SEA-PAH,  We started the year in a very uncertain time,  finances were low, and morale needed some improvment. The 2021 Board throughout the year has been working hard to ensure that we are actively cutting expenses,  expanding new experiences, and making it easier for you as members to interact. SEA-PAH is working on it's 10th year,  and we see a bright future ahead.

We look forward to working within the pup community whether local to Seattle, or across the country in Philadelphia or D.C. 

Thank you for the honor and pleasure of service. 

2021 SEA-PAH Board of Directors.

SEA-PAH Online Store

We are pleased to announce the opening of our online shop available here!. Please note, to view items, you must be logged into your account. Items currently available include: SEA-PAH Pin, 3.5" Membership Patch, and SEA-PAH Bandanna. For those members who have been with us for over 6+ months, you are also able to purchase our 11" Embroidered back patch (more information on how to request access here). If you have any questions, please reach out to treasurer@seapah.org.

SEA-PAH Election Update

The Election is ongoing,  we have roughly 35% of ballots returned.   If you have not received your ballot or are having issues accessing,  please contact seapah.election@gmail.com

  • January 15th - Annual General Meeting of SEA-PAH

SEA-PAH Large Events Committee Returns

Thursday, January 20th at 6pm


One of the things that has always made SEA-PAH special are our large events such as Camp K9, Unleashed, the Doggie Paddle, Best in Show and others! With the COVID-19 pandemic, we've had to put the brakes on so many of these community building events.
But we're here to announce that WE ARE BACK!  Join the Large Events Committee and bring your passion, vision, and energy to the team! Help produce some of our major events, do some fundraising, and build our community

SEA-PAH Official Events

SEA-PAH Meet and Sniff Social

Friday, January 7th, 2022 - 6PM-10PM PST

The Cuff Complex - 1533 13th Ave.  Seattle, WA

Come be social and ring in the New Year. Meet up with good friends and make some new ones. We have a busy year ahead of us so let’s kick it off right. Just a reminder we share the cuff space with multiple other social groups. Please be kind to them and welcoming to them as well.

As always, the Board of SEA-PAH will continue to work with our venues and follow CDC guidelines. If there are any changes, we will put out an announcement and update our website.

  • Vaccination and masks are required
  • 21+ event

SEA-PAH Board Meeting

Saturday, January 8th, 2021 - 11AM-1PM PST


Take this opportunity to join your Board of Directors for the monthly SEA-PAH Board Meeting and take an active role in your community. This is, hands down, the BEST way to know what is currently happening in the SEA-PAH community and to offer your ideas and input for future plans and events! Links will be posted to the calendar the day of the event.

Committee Meetings

All meetings are continuously updated on the meeting page

Meetings this month:

Fundraising Meeting - January 6th @ 5:00 PM PST
Board Meeting - January 8th @ 11:00 AM PST
Audit Commitee Meeting - None this Month
Large Events Commitee - January 20th @ 6pm PST
Policy & Procedures Meeting - None this Month
Barkroom Committee Meeting - None this Month

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising committee is looking for Volunteers.  We are putting together a very special Be My Puppytine event for February’s Social. We are going to be auctioning off Puppies, Handlers and friends. We are looking for folks that would be willing to have their services auction off. Services could be anything like offering to make baked goods and mail it to the winner or drop off, teach someone how to bootblack or do bootblacking for them, make an origami decoration, cook a dinner for them. This is a chance for you to show case your abilities. If you are interested or have more questions, please email board@seapah.org. Use “Fundraising” for the subject line.

The fundraising committee will be meeting on Jan 6th 5pm to talk about this fundraiser. The committee will also be looking into some fun merchandise to help celebrate SEA-PAH’s 10-year anniversary coming up in April. All are welcome to come to the meeting and offer help and brainstorm some fun ideas

Audit Committee

Come join us for the Audit of last years financial records!

Policies and Procedures Committee

There were a great many advisory votes made during the AGM in January and with the results in mind, the Board will be working on updating the policies and procedures of SEA-PAH. This will include proposing updates to the bylaws, codifying the standing rules, and other tasks related to the day to day operations of the organization. Why should you care, you're asking?  Because:

WE WANT YOU!  That's right!  We want members of the organization to come together with us and advise, help draft, and fine tune the language that will be submitted to the community for updates to our systems.  If you're interested in joining this committee, we ask that you email: bylaws@seapah.com and we will be in touch to schedule.  The first meeting of the Policies and Procedures Committee will take place in March, keep your ears perked in next month's HOWL for dates!  

Barkroom Committee

Interested in the future of the barkroom?   Want to help guide and develop an open space for community communications?  Join us