Pup Phoenix Rememberance



Dear Friends, Family and Community,

I would like to invite you all to come out to The Cuff on Tuesday, July 7th, at 7pm to be part of a small remembrance service for Phoenix SeaPup​ . It’s been a very long year without him, and although I mourn his absence, I still see him almost everywhere I look. I see him in a kind act, a warm smile, a caring hug, or a shared moment with a mutual friend. I had a lot of these moments this past weekend and it made me want to take the time to gather everyone together so that we can all share a few of these moments with one another and remember the Pup that touched all of our lives.

We will be meeting at The Cuff at 7pm by the memorial board in the back, and all are welcome to join, no matter what community you are or aren’t a part of, so please help me pass the word along to anyone you can think of who might want to join us.

Also, please remember, no matter what is going on in your life, you are loved, and you are not alone.

One Love, One Pack

Respectfully yours,
President of SEA-PAH
Mobile: 425-985-0977