State of the Pack

Dear Packmates and Friends of SEA-PAH,

FOUR YEARS! SEA-PAH is still going strong after FOUR YEARS and it doesn’t look to be slowing any time soon. That is absolutely incredible! In that time, we’ve grown from 3-4 pups on a monthly basis to well over 80 at our last Public Mosh. Our community has seen an incredible rise in interest, in membership, and in scope! This can only be attributed to our members – who have been praised as open, warm, welcoming, and friendly.

Every year, the President is given the honor of writing the “State of the Pack” address, and this year, that privilege falls to me. I first have to say that I am both humbled and thankful to have been elected to the SEA-PAH board, and then selected as the new President. I look forward to working with each of you in the coming year to build on the successes of previous years and continue creating engaging social events and opportunities for our community to network and mingle with others of like mind!

During the past year, SEA-PAH has continued to grow rapidly and that growth has called for more events and more moshes! We moved to Private Mosh from the Bunker to Doghouse HQ at Doghouse Leathers and that helped to boost attendance to that event monthly! We experienced an incredible second year of Camp K-9 and we’re looking forward to an even better third year! Hopefully one that has less rain and wind!

The newly elected Board of Directors just returned from its annual retreat where plans were discussed for the full year’s calendar and 2016 is going to be a blockbuster for SEA-PAH! We’re going to bring back popular events from previous years like Best in Show and Unleashed as well as expanding the LEEP (League of Extraordinarily Educated Puppies) program – our education initiative – and holding more classes and discussions to help educate our community on Puppy Play and the Human-pup lifestyle. SEA-PAH will also be hosting both Paw and Pounce Weekend in August and the Northwest Puppy and Handler Contest in September – two opportunities for the region to converge in Seattle for pup-packed weekends of moshes, puppies, handlers, tails, and events!

To support SEA-PAH and this growing community, you are all invited to renew your membership this year or to join us for the first time. For an introductory cost of $20 in dues, you can become an Official Member which will grant you a year of benefits including privileged access to activities, discounts on select events, access to the monthly Private moshes, and member-only socials. This can be done in numerous ways including at our Monthly Public Moshes, at Doghouse Leathers, or soon via MemberPlanet – stay tuned for details!

SEA-PAH and Friends – I look at our Community – Our Pack.  This much I can say for certain.

The State of our Pack is…*SQUIRREL!!!!!*

…is Strong!


One Love, One Pack,

Baus Yukon
President of SEA-PAH