Unleashed Raffle Prize #2 – Toys in Babe Land Gift Bag!

2015-05-28 23.34

We are getting down to the wire for Unleashed, it is just a day away! And that means we need to talk about another fabulous prize from our Sponsors.

Toys in Babeland has been a big part of our community since 1993, and we love them for providing us this fun package. You will get a vibrating egg toy that looks to be a lot of fun, and there is a can of arrousal balm! And this package includes a free workshop at Toys in Babeland! You can find out more about their awesome workshops by going to http://www.babeland.com/community/events!

And this isn’t the end of the prizes in this raffle! Be sure to check out the rules for the raffle in our previous post: http://seapah.com/unleashed-raffle/