We have regular fun events for pups and handlers to enjoy!

Walkies are our social events, targeted to anyone in the community who wants to hang with us pups in a fun environment. Each month we will have something new to try and enjoy. Past Walkies have included bowling nights, movie nights, go-kart racing, and karaoke.

Each Month’s Walkies event is announced on the 1st of every month, keep an eye out on the calendar and the monthly Howl for this month’s specific event details.

What: A Choose Your Own Adventure at Round 1

Where: Round 1

When: Sunday January 21st, 12pm

Who: Pups, Handlers, and Friends who want to join us in our walkies event

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January walkies is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game at Round 1. Meet with your fellow SEA-PAH members and choose between bowling, arcades, karaoke, food, drink, and billiards options.

Unlike previous walkies, this will not be “guided,” your experience and entertainment is in your own paws.

Join us and have a great time!