June Howl 2023

June 2023 HOWL

It’s pride month! During this time of celebration don’t forget how this all started. Pride started as a riot led by trans women of color. There is no LGB without the T+. 

One Love, One Pack

The 2023 Board of Directors


LEEP class

This July we are excited to present Bootblacking & Leathercare 101 taught by Washington State Boot Black 2023 AJ. AJ will be bringing beginner bootblack kits available for purchase. This exciting class will coincide with our July mosh, so stay tuned for more information!!


Seattle Pride Parade 2023

This year SEA-PAH will be marching in the Seattle Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25th. All SEA-PAH members are welcome to join, including pups, pets, handlers, scalies, admirers, and more. More details to come once the Board of Directors and & Fundraising Committee finalize all the details so stay tuned!


Camp K9

    At the Best in Show Event this past November, the Board of Directors announced the RETURN of SEA-PAH's most popular and dearly missed events: CAMP K9! We have secured a new venue at Elkamp, a private campground that granted us the use of their entire space with plenty of room to host the pup community! We are calling for volunteers, event planners, and folks who want to attend! Come join us and help make this event the best it can be!

We are also very excited to bring back the yearly raffle at Camp K9. We want to hear from you about what sponsors you would like to see at Camp. Maybe you do some craft project or know someone else who does projects that would like to donate a few items to the raffle. We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you have suggestions, please email sponsors@seapah.org


 The Camp K9 Planning Telegram Committee and Chat has been busy working to make sure this trip is unforgettable!  If you have an interest in joining the committee as we plan this amazing event, please click the link below!

     The chat will be used to coordinate our meeting times, have open and organic discussion, idea generation, and much more!



Remember: If anyone is doing something you are not comfortable with and/or without your consent, please inform venue security, event staff, and/or a board member immediately. Consent is not only sexy, it is mandatory! 


Merchandise announcements!!

Tote-ally Cute New Merch!

SEA-PAH is proud to announce our new official Camp K9 Tote bag! Brought to us by Misty Mountain Manufacturing, the parent company of Jensen Lee, the maker of our officially licensed Gear Bags.

This bag is tote-ally perfect for all the camping essentials such as sunscreen, water bottles and even snacks! Proceeds from this bag go towards funding the events and organization efforts of Camp K9 2023.