Mosh Info

Every Month we have mosh play time for anyone who wants to join.

Where: The Cuff Complex 

When: Monthly

How to Stay up to date:

The public moshes are open to the entire community. If you are a pup and want to try socializing with your fellow pets for the first time, this a great way to do it. The atmosphere is casual, relaxed and fun. There are high-quality mats set out on the dance floor for pets to play on, and so many great toys to chew on and make squeak!

If you are a handler there are many other handlers there to talk with, get ideas from and help corral the pets while they play!

At every mosh we have a quiet area set up with a separate set of mats. While the main set of mats can get quite rambunctious, the quiet area is there for the pups who just want to chill for a minute between playtime, or have quiet alone time with another pup or handler.

If it’s your first time at the public mosh and you don’t know where to start, keep an eye out for members of our Outreach Committee, identifiable by their green and blue chords. They are there to answer questions and help you enjoy your time at the mosh. This event is at The Cuff, and is a 21+ event.

There are a few rules we ask everyone to keep in mind while they are at the mosh so we can ensure everyone has a great time.

  • NO hard shoes on the mats: Socks, slippers, sneakers, and wrestling shoes are ok, but hard-soled boots must be removed.

  • NO “hardware“: For example, belts, watches, earrings, exposed body jewelry, etc.; other than collars. All non-removable body jewelry must be covered.

  • NO sharp or pointy things : Gear with studs is ok, as long as the studs aren’t longer than about 1/4″ (i.e. no spikes).

  • Attire: Wear comfortable attire. Remove anything of excess. Basic collars are; no earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, etc. We recommend shorts or a singlet, comfortable soft boots or shoes, and for women, a top or a bra to provide support.
    **Per request of the establishment, we ask that you put your shoes back on prior to leaving the dance floor/mosh area. Outside of the dance floor, shoes must be worn. 

  • Protective gear is HIGHLY recommended : Knee pads, elbow pads, paw protection, mouth guards, etc. If you don’t have pads for your paws, try a double pair of socks on your hands to help reduce “rug burn”.

  • NO toys in the mouth: Due to health and safety precautions, all toys should remain out of puppies' mouths at all times. 

  • HYDRATE!: Pets put out a bunch of energy and need water. Be sure to hydrate.


Monthly Board Meetings

Keep an eye out for your Monthly HOWL for the details on our board meetings!